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2016 was the year of the Bolero Drinks!
Bolero Drinks Australia is proud to have been appointed as the official and only distributor of the World Famous Bolero Drink Powder in Australia. A line of sugar-free Powdered Healthy Drinks that come in 44 Flavors in 3 Categories. We stock all the variations and flavours currently being produced. Our aim is to bring the beverage market this new range of healthy drinks and similar products. They are healthier, tastier and much cheaper than other similar products on the market! We are the newest distributor in the Bolero Family which now includes more than 80 countries around the world. Including Europe and the US as well as the ASIA Pacific.
The success of this concept was significantly higher than expected by all the countries around the World.

However, it is our firm belief that the Bolero brand has earned its leading position in the market due to the simple recognition of its quality. In Australia, there is a thriving health culture which we aim to provide an alternative hydration source for. Our Healthy Drinks are sugar-free, vegan-friendly, Keto-friendly and they actually taste great as well! Order your demo pack to try some of these naturally flavoured drinks today!
We have developed new product categories relying exclusively on the relationship ..

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